Character Creation:

You must possess the core book Werewolf the Apocalypse [WW3801] in order to play this game. It is recommended to possess the WtA Players Guide, the WtA Storytellers Guide, Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes, and/or the appropriate Tribal book for the tribe you are playing.

Acceptable tribes:

* Black Fury
* Bone Gnawers
* Children of Gaia
* Fianna
* Get of Fenris
* Glass Walkers
* Shadow Lords
* Silent Striders
* Silver Fangs
* Uktena
* Wendigo

Step 1 - Character Concept

Choose Concept
Choose Tribe
Choose Nature
Choose Demeanor

Fill in prelude form and post to appropriate area [Concept field] with the player character's name, must have both first and last name, NO EXCEPTIONS. No PC will be sanctioned without a complete Background and Prelude.

Name: (You MUST include a FIRST and LAST name)
Concept: [One word or two]

History: [All pertinent information on your sheet must be accounted for in your history. Explain any fours, good amounts of three's, merits/flaws, and please submit something other than a list. We'd like to know your character.] Character Backgrounds must be FPM'd to Ensign.

Step 2 - Select Attributes
7 / 5 / 3
No more then 1 attributes at 4
No attributes at 5
(no more than two attributes may be purchased with freebies)

Step 3 - Select Abilities
13 / 9 / 5
No more then 2 level 4 ability at Creation
No abilities at 5
No more then 7 combat dots [Brawl, Dodge, Firearms, and Melee all contribute to total combat dots]
Kinfolk are allowed to start with Tribal Lore or Garou Lore, but not both.

Step 4 - Select Advantages

Numina will NOT be allowed for starting characters, nor will any of the other special abilities in the Kinfolk book but some can be gotten IC.

begin 5
No more than 2 in any one Influence
All backgrounds must be explained in character history.

Willpower is capped at 6 for all of WTA. Because that is the cap does not mean you will automatically get that cap.

*Equipment – Please remember this field to your character creation. Spend a moment and put some thought into it. For all weapons please include the proper stats that go with what weapon you are choosing. Stats for weapons are utilized from VtM: Story Tellers Companion [WW2301] only.
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